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Fully Licensed / NC Certified

Get your DWI Assessment done ASAP

  • It's required for a Limited Driving Privilege.

  • Can reduce the level of punishment & help avoid jail time.

  • Know your DWI Substance Abuse requirements in advance.

Requirements for DWI Assessment

  • A copy of your ticket

  • A copy of your Breathalyzer/Blood Test results

  • A copy of your Lifetime Driving Record from NC DMV (we can retrieve this for you)

  • Fee payment of $125

      (covers assessment, driving record retrieval

      & standardized test that are required by the DMV)

  • Come to the assessment alcohol & drug free

Anyone who completes their required DWI level of treatment and remains abstinent, can continue to attend aftercare for a 50% rate for as long as they wish to attend groups.


Empty Chairs

Finding Strength in Numbers

Recovery can be challenging and difficult in multiple ways.  Working through the stages of recovery with others can be an added means of support.  

Whether you are dealing with Alcohol, Prescription, or drug addiction of any kind, these groups are structured to offer you the tools and resources to maintain sobriety and achieve your recovery goals.

Learning Coping Skills, Developing Resources and useful tools are a major part of the process of recovery.  Utilizing Existential Therapy, we help those in recovery regain Freedom and focus on Meaning in their lives in order to build a stable future free from substances.

Whether you're needing DWI Services, you've been referred by an agency or the courts, or you've simply made the choice in your life to 


Therapy Office

Here For You

Individual Therapy for substance use is always an option.  If working with a group is not something you can effectively engage with, or if you need individual therapy for complex issues that include more than just substance use, we can develop a plan that works to meet your needs and helps you achieve your goals.

DWI & Substance Use: Services
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